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Prominent ears

Designed to correct ears that have a tendency to stick out, by permanently fixing them in a position closer to the sides of the head.  

An otoplasty or pinnaplasty is a surgical procedure designed to correct ears that have a tendency to stick out, by permanently fixing them in a position closer to the sides of the head. The surgery improves the shape of the ears, creating a more natural contour and restores balance and proportion. It can be performed at any age from 6 years to adulthood.


Fat grafting is an excellent alternative to implants to increase volume and improve the shape and contour of your breasts. You may require more than one procedure, depending on the degree of enhancement desired. The surgery is performed under general anaesthetic and usually involves a 1 night stay in hospital.

Generally speaking, it is best if your child has asked for something to be done about his/her ears, in that it is their decision to have surgery. It is crucial that your child has the ability to understand the importance of following the post-operative instructions, so as to minimise the risk of complications.

Initially, a bulky head dressing is used and this should to stay in place for 1 week, keeping the wounds clean and dry. Upon removal of this dressing, surgical tape will be placed over the scars and your child / you can shower as normal. Your child / you will be required to wear a headband at night for 6 weeks. It is imperative that your child / you avoid contact sports for the same period of time.

Every surgery carries risk. Swelling and bruising are common post-operatively and both tend to resolve within 2-3 weeks. Bleeding can also occur as can a haematoma (a collection of blood). Other potential complications include wound infection, abnormal scarring (hypertrophic / keloid scars), necrosis (loss of tissue), prolonged redness of the ears and recurrence.

Your return to work will be determined by the type of job that you do. Patients in a supervisory or managerial role may be able to return to work after 1-2 weeks. If your work is more physically demanding, you may require more time off.

Each procedure is individually customised, considering your specific needs and aesthetic goals. As a result, the cost can vary from patient to patient. For more information on pricing or to begin your journey with Dr Collins please contact us.

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